Custom Stamps

Rubber stamp making is a specialised process for manufacturing of rubber stamps and self inking stamps.

There are few different options for making rubber stamps . quickstamp

The most popular processes are:

1. Laser engraving the rubber in a CO2 laser engraver, this process is very precise and accurate and much quicker.

The stamp is designed in a graphics programme like Corel Draw.

The design is then sent to the laser which is connected to the computer via usb port.

A sheet of stamp making rubber which is usually A4 sheets is placed in the laser which is calibrated to the thickness of the rubber. quick stamp

Laser works the same way as a printer is connected to the computer and it engraves and cuts the stamp and within a few minutes you have a custom made stamp.

Once the stamp has been cut the rubber which is covered in rubber dust from the cutting and engraving process is then washed and cleaned. it is then stuck on the self inking stamp handle which has a stick piece of foam to mount the rubber on. the ink pad is inserted into the stamp and the stamp is ready for use. quickstp

This would last for many years and the only thing that would require replacing would be the ink pad.

2. Polymer rubber stamp making. quickstamp

The process of making a polymer stamp is a quite straightforward, once you know the basics. in this process you put, Photopolymer is a liquid polymer that is reactive to UV light and will harden when exposed. A negative can be made that allows the UV light to show through only where the stamp image is to be. The negative and polymer is exposed and the excess polymer washed off and this leaves you with your custom rubber stamp. qqstamp

3. Flash Stamps.

This is a fairly quick process to make a custom stamp.

It is a photagraphic type of process in which flash foam which is a photosensitive rubber is required to make the stamp. The image of the custom made stamp is transferred onto the flash foam which is micropourus and retains ink. outdoors fan


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