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What is USEA eventing?

The United States Eventing Association, or the USEA, qqstamp was founded in 1959 and has more than 14,000 members in the United States as well as hundreds of riders who represent the U.S. internationally. The USEA’s publication, Eventing USA, is distributed to members on a regular basis and keeps eventing riders updated to the latest eventing news as well as rule changes and more.

The United States Eventing Association is an educational resource for riders. The organization’s goal is to make eventing a safer sport for its participants and a more recognized sport for spectators.

What is eventing?

Eventing is similar to a triathalon; quickstamp there are three phases that take place over a period of two or three days (although there are now “mini-events” that take place during a one-day period as well). These three phases test the endurance, showmanship, grace, and athleticism of both the equine and human athletes.

The three phases are dressage, cross-country and show jumping. The sport of eventing was developed around the rigorous movements and endurance required of military horses. quickstamp

There are six basic levels of eventing: Beginner Novice, Novice, Training, Preliminary, Intermediate and Advanced (in that order from least to most difficult). Once riders reach the preliminary level, they can begin to compete in national and international competitions. more visit sites>

The USEA has an Instructor Certification Program (ICP) that tests both the knowledge and teaching ability of instructors. Instructors can become certified in Level I through Level V, with Level V being the most advanced.

Some USEA eventing instructors are available online – for video riding lessons at an extremely discounted price. This format allows riders to work with the top eventing riders in the nation without having to leave their own barn.

It is wise to choose a USEA certified eventing coach; they are up-to-date on safety standards, competition rules, coaching methods, and more.


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