What Are Webkinz And What Is All The Fuss About?

The secret code is found on the tags, Online Coding Classes for Kids which is when you are purchasing webkinz or lil’Kinz, especially from ebay, you should check that the ‘secret code tag’ is included in your purchase. If you are unsure, ask before you buy.

Webkinz World calls these toys pets, which I think is nice as it gives kids a feeling of responsibility as they can feed and cloth their ‘pets’ and are encouraged to take care of them. rozbawieni

As a parent I had worries about them playing on the computer and the internet by themselves. We all know that the internet is not a safe place for kids, but the Webkinz site is safe. Their chat system is constructed in a way that certain words and phrases cannot be typed in and contact details cannot be exchanged. The kids can tell their friends their usernames so that they can interact with people they know. drommabed

I actually logged in myself and took a look around and I was pleasantly surprised. It seems that Webkinz world is not only a fun place for kids to ‘play’, but it is also educational. They can adopt and name their ‘pet’ toy and design rooms for them to live in.

There is also an Arcade section where they can compete against other kids in tournaments and play games by themselves, as well as answering questions in Quizzy’s Question Corner and entering contests.

All these educational parts of the site earn them KinzCash, which is virtual money if you like, but I look at it as a reward system. They can use their KinzCash in the shop on the site to purchase clothes, Anime toys and even furniture for their ‘pet’.

This site has helped one of my kids with his reading as his teacher thought he was behind fro his age, but it seems he has no problem reading about Webkinz online. I figured that I just needed to give him things to read that he is interested in and now he is the top og his class.

Webkinz World is not a ‘stagnant’ website, like many others we see for toys. They are always adding new things and the activities change on a daily basis. My kids, so far in the 6 months since they got their first ones have never run out of things to do.

I limit their time on the computer as I don’t feel it is necessary or good for them to be on there every day and all weekend, but they know how I am and look forward to their ‘Webkinz Time’. Top Suomi Kasinot

If you child is hassling you for a Webkinz or a Lil’Kinz get them one for their birthday or for Christmas if you don’t want to get them one just because they ask. If your kids are like mine you will probably see a difference in them, I know I have and I also have the peace of mindthat they can play happily, together or separately, safely online.

Sophie Bailson is a work at home mum that loves to spend time researching products for all ages on the internet to provide people with quality information in a world where we are overloaded. Many people do not have the time to research things on the internet which is why Sophie has built a network of sites in all different areas that provide good solid information.



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