Choosing the Right Place When Buying a Puppy

You’ve thought it over carefully and decided now is a good time to add a four legged member to the family of the canine variety. The next decision is where to go to buy a puppy or adult dog. buy puppy online

The usual places for buying a puppy are either from breeders, pet stores or adopting one from a shelter. Knowing which is best can save a lot of money and possible heartache down the road.

Pet Stores

Pet stores are never good places to buy puppies, besides costing much more than what breeders charge, a pet store puppy isn’t as well cared for and as a result may have health issues and behavior problems. Pet store puppies are accustomed to soiling the area where they sleep, tobabet4d-slot this desensitizes them to the natural instinct of keeping the sleeping area clean, making potty training more difficult.

If that’s not bad enough, many pet stores get their puppies from puppy mills. Puppy mills are commercial breeding grounds that breed dogs in deplorable conditions with no concern for the puppy’s or mother’s welfare. Their sole purpose is to make a profit producing thousands of puppies.


Buying a puppy or adult dog from a responsible breeder is a sound choice that will increase your chance of having a well adjusted and socialized dog. Opinions differ as to what is a “responsible” breeder, but they all should display the following qualities:


  • they are knowledgeable about the breed and its genetic makeup
  • they are not in it to make a profit but do it as a labor of love and dedicated hobby
  • they will breed only healthy dogs with sound temperaments


Be careful you don’t mistake a puppy broker for a breeder. A puppy broker is someone who acts like a go between breeders and buyers, most of their puppies actually come from puppy mills. Puppy brokers are easy to spot, they never have the momma on the premises, they seem to have an endless supply of puppies and are always advertising in newspapers or online.

Adopting a Dog From a Shelter

This would be the ideal choice as you would be giving a homeless dog a place to call its own. However shelters aren’t without their problems. Many shelters make it very difficult to adopt a dog, metrowater you are required to fill out an application with many questions and if you don’t answer correctly you may be turned down.

Puppies get adopted very quickly so most of the dogs found in shelters are adult, you are also more likely to see mixed breeds rather than purebreds. Of course this in itself is not a problem, an adult dog or mixed breed can make the perfect addition to your household. Another thing to be aware of when considering getting a dog from a shelter is the dog’s background.

Many dogs end up in shelters because of behavior problems due either to neglect or the owner’s inability or lack of experience in training a dog. So it is wise to ask about the dog’s history, why it’s there and if there are any behavior issues that need to be addressed. If there are, such a dog wouldn’t be the best choice for a new dog owner but would be better in a home with many years experience in dog ownership.

Whether you choose to adopt a dog from a shelter or buy a puppy from a breeder, always come equipped with lots of questions, by doing so you will be in a better position to see if you have come to the right place in acquiring a four legged buddy. lumecreation



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