The Joker

Everybody wants the universe, arianmbut are they willing to follow the laws to the letter to gain it? I know, that is a funny question to start out an article called “The Joker” with. But, the universal reality of the genuine joker comes down to this: Are you willing to have faith in opportunity meeting preparation and the pure working universe, or do you want to “stack the deck” and get “something else”? Cheating is unrealistic when it comes to genuine success. Because, through natural effort you have to go through some things you need to go through that you do not want to go through to get where you want to get. That means, mandaltempotraveller if you want the universe, you have to do what you want and need to do to get it. If you just do what you want and skip what you need to do, that is another form of cheating yourself. Indeed, real creativity is doing what needs and wants to be done with equal fervor and intensity Sure, this sounds like an opinion, but it really is a fact and I will show in this article how it is fact and that the real “wild joker card” that works in every situation is the sort of real creativity I am writing about. There are not any silly “short cuts” or “miracles” that take you where you genuinely want to go. shoplocalgta

Everyone wants to play in the game of life with “miracle” consistent winning from the start. It does not work that way. The way it works is consistent patient, understanding and tolerant effort until you do win consistently. There is not any substitute for this genuine foundation building. You can trick other people and make it look easy to them, but you cannot trick reality or existence. Reality and existence is where everything counts. Reality and existence take score, give and take away by its judgement. actualidad-logistica

So, read this final paragraph and make your own judgement on how to live and exist. “The Joker” is anyone that lives by the law I just mentioned and knows that everything is earned or lost by the law in all reality. To them that have, more will be given. To them that do not have, what little they have will be taken away. Have the strength to follow this law to the letter, and you will have in all the ways you want and need. Beg, netnaijas steal or try to take “short cuts” and pay the price in the most genuine of disappointments in the form of envy, weakness and genuine poverty. I am not telling you how to live, but I am giving suggestions that I do follow to the letter on how to think and live. For, I am that universal wild “Joker card” that lives by the law of reality and whatever it may bring. Stack any ace or a King and cheat yourself. There is not any way out, but there is always a through. asia999



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