The Mystery of the Blood Covenants

You can never understand covenant until you get discernment of the mystery of the blood trail with the three blood covenants God made with man. Make no mistake about it, the Jews always knew that God would present the unblemished lamb that would become our redeeming savior. But they had become so dependent upon the law and legalism and passing their sin onto the red heifer once a year that when their appointed time for final redemption came in the form of a servant they had a hard time believing that he would have to become sin for them in the nature of a common criminal and hang on a cross, ekszer-elek cursed. They expected a King to relieve them of the oppression from Rome.

You see, Christ’s blood could not have become light had he not become as a humble servant,overcome the world and take upon himself sin and suffer and have to spill his blood on a cross. You can’t change how the light is to come, that is a set given with the essence of God’s being. The Jews were expecting a King to come out of no where and, gudu that he would be royalty without the price of pure unblemished (righteous) blood that ignites light. It is to our fortune and the whole world’s really that the Jews rejected Jesus because God then blinded their spiritual eyes and for a time so the whole creation could have a chance to be saved. We are living in a set time where we are beginning to witness the blinds being lifted from the eyes of the Jews. A mass movement of Messianic Jews have arisen in the world and huge organizations of Christians and Jews have formed alliances. hobbijaim

Now I’m going to take you into each blood covenant and I’m going to show you how they all unveil the mystery of the blood and how God operates as he revealed his end time plan beginning in Genesis and comes full circle in Revelation. You will then see clearly what a veil of blindness the Jews have been under and what it means to the Gentiles and how it is going to work into a great Jubilee of the natural branch being en grafted back into the root and how and when the fulfillment of the number of the Gentile Christians is to occur. receptek

Lets take a look at how God orchestrated this magnificent plan to be reconciled to his beloved and at the same time blow Satan’s mind in the process. If you are not in love with Jesus and coming into the presence of the King of the Universe by the end of this article then you need to get yourself to the altar and pray the sinners prayer until you weep with humility and a contrite heart. God began with the law and he ended with capturing our heart through the son showing us the Father’s great love by becoming flesh to save us and reconcile us back to him from the fall of Adam.

The blood has been a mystery since the beginning of time, but most importantly it has been a mystery to Satan. Remember, blood means life, a pure light source. God required a pure or unblemished life force in order for sin redemption, or to be able to come into His presence. The High Priest had to go through a cleansing process before he could step behind the curtain to present the offering. If he wasn’t righteous he would drop dead and that meant no sin redemption, so the people would gather outside of the Tabernacle and listen to see if the bells stopped ringing on the hem of the Priest’s garment. olcsobbszerviz

When we think of the first sin, we automatically think of Adam but the first sin was not committed in the Garden of Eden. It was committed in heaven by Lucifer, also known as The Morning Star. The sin committed was pride. Lucifer was called a Son of God. (Job 38:4-7). Ultimately, he defiled the throne of heaven and was cast down with a third of the angels with him. Now, it is interesting to note that in Revelation Jesus is referred to as The Morning Star. Morning star means son, and Lucifer lost that status when he thought he could be as big as God.

Jesus said in Luke 10:18, “I saw Satan fall like lightening from heaven.”

Still defiant after defiling the throne of Heaven, Satan intervenes in God’s creation to subdue mankind. So after Satan tempts Eve God lays out the foundation of redemption but withholds the mystery of the blood from Satan. He’s really mad now because God calls mankind his sons. Lucifer was no longer part of God’s family.

The fight had begun for dominion of the earth and mankind, and the throne (or the temple) of heaven is the central stage and as it was in the beginning, the battle of Armageddon will begin with the ultimate Holy War for the throne in Jerusalem between to two Princes, the son, Jesus and the Satan’s Prince, the Anti-Christ.

But the blood is still an issue. So let’s clarify how the blood has played out so far and how it will again in the end in this heavenly war against Satan over God’s authority over his creation.

After the sin in the Garden of Eden man was cut off from the tree of life and a curse was handed down to man separating him from his creator. God did not want this, but sin will not stay in his presence of pure light. (Genesis 3:15) God said to the serpent, “I’ll put enmity between you and the woman, and between your offspring and hers. He will crush your head and you will bruise His heel.” The “He” that God is referring to that would crush Satan’s head is Jesus, so we know from this that God is referring to a singular seed, not many seeds.

The ultimate blood sacrifice and God’s word ‘come in the flesh’ had been released in the Garden of Eden. The seed of God’s word, Jesus, was hidden in the woman. (Luke 1:30-35). From that point God made the blood a mystery unto Satan. That truth of God becoming incarnate in the seed of a woman and in the flesh of Jesus baffled even the Pharisees, and Satan never saw what hit him. Because the blood of Jesus would ultimately purify the heavenly altar that Satan had defiled. Now if Satan had known this mystery of the blood he would have never killed Jesus. (1 Corinthians 2:7,8).

As soon as the blood of the slain Lamb of God spilled and his death occurred the host of angels swooped down on that concrete, makeshift altar and rushed that pure blood life force up into the heavenly throne and poured it onto the altar. Jesus resurrected from the same power God used to create the earth, a spoken word and to us a Kingdom was established, with all the power and authority invested in Him by the Father as our final High Priest and redeemer. He then went to the depths of hell and took from Satan the keys of death and the power of sin that had separated us from our creator. The arch angel swooshed down to the earth and clothed him in his high priest garment and he ascended to the throne where he sits at the right hand of God interceding for us. He will return the same way he left, full of glory.

You may be pondering, why didn’t God just send Jesus after the Garden of Eden? Let’s look at an analogy of just what a Father is and how he thinks about his children for a minute. God had created the angels for his pleasure and Lucifer was the most beautiful angel he had, and was called a Son of God. He had authority in heaven. He had God’s presence and his ear. Lucifer was the worship leader and it is said that his voice sounded like the 7 musical keys when he spoke. He had pipes coming out of his chest when he worshiped before God. That’s why King David was a man after God’s own heart, he knew how to worship and please the Lord. Lucifer had it all and failed God because greed and pride.

So God said, I’ll create my own family. He created Adam from the dust and breathed life into his nostrils. We all have God’s likeness in us and he weeps for that communion with us, but sin separates us from his glory. Adam failed him also, ah but Jesus, he sealed the covenant, a man without sin and he took the burden of sin on his shoulders. Yes, you were bought with a heavy price. Righteousness always has a price.

God wanted to commune with his creation again. The flesh has to be subjected to the spirit for righteousness and communion with God to come and the regeneration of the blood is the only thing that will work to accomplish that. He wanted that part of us back that was made in his likeness. He began his plan of reconciliation through covenants. It’s all about free will that he gave us and if love has to be forced then it is not effectual. On the other hand God could not commune with man in sin. His righteousness, holiness, light and life force cannot mesh with darkness and sin.

A covenant is a contract and within a contract you have commands and then you have blessings. We are going to learn just how God has a relationship with us through our covenant with him; how he operates, his seasons, his patterns and just how Holy He is. Our minds cannot even comprehend the enormity of who our God is and the power and blessings he gives us through our blood covenant. But you can get a glimpse of his majesty and what His presence is like through the tabernacle tent right and at Calvary’s Cross.

You have to understand that when God makes a redemptive covenant he always seals it with pure blood. First we will look at God’s first blood covenant after the destruction of mankind that had left only Noah, while Enoch was resurrected into heaven. God promised to never destroy his creation again. However, it is important to remember God’s wrath in Noah’s day for He will display that wrath again in the end, not by flood but by fire. I see the world rampant with sin and dishonor of his word, immorality and idolatry just as in the day of Noah and in the day of Sodom and Gomorrah.


The first blood covenant God made was with Abraham. You may be asking, why did God choose Abraham? It wasn’t because he was an elite tribe, or even the largest. There was something very unique about Abraham. He was an inquisitive man, and although he had grown up around idols and idol worship, he began to question that kind of worship. How did it benefit man?

At the core of his soul he knew there was a living God, and he diligently sought the living God. God saw this longing and character in Abraham and he chose him to make known himself. God did not choose him because he was a Jew. Noah was a Gentile. As Abraham developed his relationship with God and God spoke to him, God saw a thirst, faithfulness, and truth seeking substance to Abraham. It was for these reasons, especially after Abraham passed the test of faith that God made a covenant with him, and sealed it with blood through the blood letting of circumcision of every new born male child at eight days old, and promised him that he would become the Father of nations.

Abraham thus became a God-like figure. He would do something that later God would have to do himself; sacrifice his own son. A foreshadowing of God’s final redemptive plan. Abraham was the only man that ever lived that got a glimpse of the pain and despair that it took to sacrifice the loved and promised son. When Jesus hung on that cross suffering and near death, and called out, “My Father why have you forsaken me?” God had to look the other way for he could not look upon sin or bear the pain to see the unblemished son’s suffering. So never think that sin doesn’t hurt God, for it takes his family away from him.

It is hard to imagine the sin of the whole world upon one man who knew no sin. God could not look upon the incomprehensible burden Jesus was heavy-laddened with. That’s just a peek of how dirty sin is to our Father in heaven. Still Jesus took that dirt upon his life and was obedient unto death. He could have called ten thousand angels. But Jesus was obedient till death. So never think that obedience is not necessary for a righteous life. Jesus knew that if he called upon the Angels with the power of the spoken word, Satan would win.

Jesus had spent a thousand years in heaven with the Father as one with him. Reconciling his creation that he had breathed his very life into was a fixated desire of God, and Jesus made that possible. So never wonder why Jesus is now at the right hand of the Father, given all authority and power over God’s creation. It is for this reason that he is the only one worthy to open the book of life and to be the Prince of Peace and High Priest seated on the throne and to speak our futures at the Great White Throne of judgment. He is the only one who truly understands mercy and justice and that is what he will judge us on.

Isaac became a chosen to inherit that promise and to inherit the land of Canaan which is Israel today, which includes Jerusalem. I’m going to prove this to you as I discuss further the journey Abraham took to sacrifice Isaac.

I certainly understand why Abraham did not announce that he was about to take his son upon a high mountain and kill him for the living God. These ex-idol worshippers would have assumed he was gone mad. When God calls man to do something, it never makes sense to the carnal mind.

Now Abraham had two sons, Isaac and Ishmael. God also blessed Ishmael and promised to make him a mighty nation. But Ishmael was not the son to inherit Israel or the promises. (Genesis 17:19-21) God did not make a blood covenant with Ishmael, in spite of Abraham asking God to do that before Isaac was born.

The covenants that were sealed in blood were made with the Jewish patriarchs that carried the scepter to the everlasting throne in Jerusalem. To have discernment about the end time Holy war with the Anti-Christ and Jesus over the temple throne in the battle of Armageddon you have got to understand the blood line. I pray my fellow Christians for you not to be ignorant of this truth for it is the unveiling of the mystery of the blood that always confused religious folks and Satan. The Anti-Christ will lie to cover up this truth in the end time.

The seed of the woman carries the mystery of the blood and that trail leads to the savior coming from the stump of Jesse, the young David. (1Samuel 16:12.13) You will see as we go along here that God stayed with only one certain bloodline that led to Jesus being a direct descendant from Judah.

Now King David purchased the city of Jerusalem where His throne will never end, because Jesus, his descendant is the King of Kings forever. When King David killed Goliath, who was a seed of Satan, he dragged the head of the giant 16 miles to Jerusalem, to the hill we call Calvary or Golgotha Hill (hill of the skulls) where Jesus’ blood dripped onto the evil seed and took away the sin of the world and stripped Satan of his power. David purchased Mt Moriah (Jerusalem) where his throne will be forever and Jesus will reign. But let’s get back to the promise for a moment.

God promised Abraham that he would be the Father of Nations and he clearly showed him on Mt. Moriah that Abraham saw far off, into a three-day journey, the unblemished Lamb of God that was to come. Mt Moriah is the temple mount in Jerusalem. (Genesis 22:14). The ram’s horn became a symbol of the coming of Christ and was blown at the gathering of the people on the Feast of Tabernacles, the Jewish New Year, called Sukkot in Hebrew, and was a sign of the coming Messiah. The ram’s horn is called a shofar. In fact Jesus was born during this feast time. On our calendar it is October.

The stipulation of the covenant with Abraham was for the people to put no other God’s before them. Idols and idolatry was forbidden. God’s jealousy is not the same as ours. Our jealousy causes strife, but God’s brand of jealousy is to bring us in line with him. So when he displays his jealousy it is to correct us and bring us back in line with him and he desires for us not to be led by things that lead us to death and away from the source of light that leads to life.

God also established the first fruits law through Abraham, that is the tithe. Abraham took a tenth of all he had to the High Priest Melchizedek. He was to perform a bloodletting on every first born male by circumcision of the foreskin, and it was to be a sign of their blood covenant with God.

With every blood covenant God made he appointed a High Priest as well. God anointed Melchizedek to be the first High Priest in the covenant with Abraham. Melchizedek had no history and there was no beginning or end to him.

He is the foreshadowing of Christ’s High Priesthood. Melchizedek was told by God to take bread and wine to Abraham which represents blessing and the the bread of life and the fruit of the land as well as the foreshadowing of Jesus who said, “I am the bread came down from heaven and no one goes to the father except through me, meaning his blood, the wine.



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