Steps to a Quickly Opening a Dollar Store Business – Part I

There are many critical actions that must be taken to open a dollar store business. While you have the many things to be done, reloaderscenter the reality is that you are losing money the longer it takes from the time you make the decision to open your store until the store is open and operating. The challenge is to complete all of the tasks quickly and in the right order.

Completing all of the tasks quickly and in order results in a quick store opening and your sales will soon start flowing. But how can this be done in a controlled manner? How can you keep from working 20 hour days that are filled with frustration as you jump around from task to task? Never fear; there is a way. All you need to do is to develop a store opening plan and then work through that plan in an orderly fashion.

The top priority to getting your dollar store business open and operating is finding the perfect location and then signing your lease for that location. There are many things that you can be researching prior to knowing the location. However, nothing can really be finalized until the lease itself is signed and in-effect. Once you have a signed lease the clock starts ticking. officialreloadersstore

Never purchase merchandise prior to having a signed lease. Remember that anything you buy and have shipped will be coming to a location that is not your store. That means you will need to have it reloaded and hauled to your final location once that location is identified. That takes time and it costs you money. littletalky

Find your location and then start moving forward with the many things that need to happen. Be sure to develop a “Store Opening Project Timeline” so you are ready to move forward once the lease is signed. Make sure that everything is happening in a logic order so that tasks flow from one to the next. For example, store fixtures need to arrive and be installed before any merchandise can be placed onto the sales floor. Also, no store equipment can be installed until the final location preparation is done. For example cash registers cannot be installed until the checkout counters and electrical are in-place and operating. faganpainting.

Working your way through a logical process helps to ensure that everything happens at the right time. It also makes what could be a wearisome and exasperating time a pleasant and enjoyable time.



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