Enjoy High-Tech Entertainment With the PS3 Slim

The PS3 console is an extremely powerful 7th Generation console and Sony’s latest in their famous and extremely popular PlayStation product line! The PS3 Slim is the latest PS3 model and as the name suggests, it is significantly smaller and slimmer than its predecessors!

Sony may have cut down on their console’s size, but they didn’t do the same to its features! The PS3 slim has all the features of its “fat” brethren and due it’s smaller size and redesigned internal architecture, it runs a lot cooler and quieter than them!

There are three PS3 Slim models (or SKUs as they’re called by gamers and gaming sites) available but their only difference is their hard drive sizes (80gb, 120gb and 250gb), other than that, they all have the same awesome features!

Thanks to the PS3 Slim’s HDMI output, you’ll be able to enjoy games and movies at crystal clear 1080p Full HD screen resolution! It’s Wi – Fi internet connectivity will allow you to access the internet using the built-in web browser from anywhere in your house, ps code generator without Ethernet cables! You’ll also be able to play multiplayer games online using the PlayStation Network and use many other online services without having to pay any subscription fees! Inside the package you will find everything you need to get started including a power cable, AV cables, a USB cable and of course a Dual Shock 3 controller!

The PS3 slim can play all PlayStation 3 games but what really sets it apart from the competition, is that it can also double as a full-blown HD Media Player! It can play DVD and Blu-Ray movies and it is compatible with a wide variety of media formats! From jpeg pictures and mp3 files to DivX and MPEG video files! Thanks to its two USB ports, it can even play back the media files stored in your external Hard Drive or USB memory sticks!

There are some downsides to the PS3 slim though, that are pretty much common to all PS3 models. The biggest one is that it’s not backwards compatible with PS2 games. On the other hand, only a handful of launch PS3 models had that feature. Also, Sony’s online services (the PlayStation Network or PSN for short) may be free, but they’re still not as good and robust as the ones of their main competitor, Xbox Live. They are definitely functional though and Sony is constantly improving them via firmware updates, however, they happen a lot more often that we’d like! Finally, the PS3 Slim has no infrared controller sensors which mean that some third party controllers will not be compatible with it! It goes without saying that it’s compatible with all official PS3 controllers!



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