An Overview of Cisco Voice, Wireless and CCIE Security Exams

A certification from the Cisco is one of the most highly esteemed credential for any professional in the IT or networking field. It brings along with it increased salary benefits, recognition as a knowledgeable personnel, and provides you a good understanding of networking. There are different tracks of this certification, and each one of them has different advantages. It is usually found that the tracks belonging to the routing and switching line are more beneficial over the rest, and this article discusses these in order that you can choose the right track of your type from among them. security risk management course

Cisco voice

This certification provides one with a deep knowledge on operating voice and data on a single network. Besides, this also teaches you all about the Cisco voice equipment. Personnel with this certification have added weightage when they apply for jobs that require the utilization of Cisco equipment or voice and data on a single network. Being recognized with this certification will definitely of benefit in the days to come as VOIP (Voice Over Internet Protocol) is gaining momentum these days.

Cisco security

This line of Cisco certification is highly beneficial now-a-days as large firms are facing increased issues of threats each day. By saying threats, we simply do not mean the usual viral attacks, these are some sophisticated cyber attacks specially developed and mounted against the specific firm. Attacks when they are aimed to cover over a large number of firms can be easily detected. But, when they have a single target, the threat is quite serious and is difficult to spot.

So, big firms are these days tightening their security levels and are willing to allot a higher budget for increasing their IT security. They are on the lookout for qualified personnel who can defend their firm online. An increasing demand in this field for such personnel has been found in recent days; and it will be so forever. The payment is also higher for these professionals than for those personnel from other lines.

Cisco Wireless

The Cisco wireless technologies are also taught in like the Cisco voice and security tracks. What then makes the difference in this track is that, one will gain an in-depth knowledge in this subject. Besides, when one chooses this track, he is assured to be known as a specialist even at a low degree of certification. So, Cisco wireless certification is more often sought by those who do not want to put much effort into earning a credential.

Any person in the networking field can setup a wireless network connection. However, it is done perfectly only when a person having a good understanding of the subject does it. Earlier, various firms, large and small, never took this matter seriously. As a result, numerous faulty networks were formed all around the world. These were either underperforming or were insecure. Only in recent days, the firms have started to become enlightened, and are investing their resources in order to make good network connections for them.

The crux is that there are several certifications offered by Cisco, you should always choose wisely as to which certification program you would like to go for.



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