New Beginning For Korean Automaker

It’s a yearly event. Auto enthusiasts, car journalists and curious drivers peek in on the local auto premieres and showcase conventions. They are looking for the same thing they always look for, something new and exciting on the car front.

In 2009 they found it.

As usual the luxury sedan lineup features expected mainstays like the Lexus GS, the Infinity M, and the Chrysler 300. And in 2009 a new, 링크 unexpected luxury sedan was revealed.

The wait is over for the exciting new luxury sedan the world is abuzz about. And this time the usual suspects are not taking credit for the surprise luxury car in the spotlight.

The Korean Automaker, Hyundai unveiled the new Genesis.

Pontiac, BMW and Mercedes did a double take at the new Hyundai Genesis. Maybe it’s because of the country of origin, Korea. Or maybe it’s because the word, luxury, has simply not been used to reference a… Hyundai.

The auto world got an eyeful too. Consumer Guides price the Genesis between 30 and 36,000. Considering a Mercedes Benz at $85 to $200,000, one wonders if the Genesis ( who’s name means ‘beginning’), is on the beginning side of luxury. Then again, BMW offer a version in the ballpark, 38,000 as does the Acura at 38,000 and Infinit’s luxury sedan at 32,000.

Reviews say, “surprise, Genesis delivers.” Now that 2009 has been the year of the Korean Automakers foray into luxury, what does 2010 hold for the new sedan?

US News and Word Report Auto ranking says Genesis ranks number 1 out of 16 mid sized luxury sedans and is an exceptional value delivering $50,000 worth of car for just $30,000.



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