Choosing the Right Kids Summer Camp

Selecting the right kids summer camp can seem like an impossible task with so many options and alternatives now available. worldofkink
For parents new to ‘camp life’ in need of some help we’ve compiled our 6 top tips for parents in selecting the summer camp that best suits your child.

There are now close to 9 000 kids summer camps operating in the USA and Canada and more internationally, giving a huge choice in terms of length of stay, program and location. If you have a child with special needs, whether they be ophysical, intellectual or health related, there are a great range of options still open to you. Basically whatever pirsuit, activity or endeavour your child might have, it will be covered by one of the kids summer camp programs available. Cake carts

1. Type of Camp

The choice exists between a day camp, overnight camp and residential camp. Allow your child to participate in this decision as he/she will be the best person to indicate which style of camp they are comfortable with. CAMPING

2. Location and Size

Once you have determined which style of camp suits your child at this time, you need to decide how far you are willing to travel. Day campers need to be picked up at the end of each day, and an overnight stay is just that. Residential camps on the otherhand can entertain your kids for qweeks at a time so distance may be less of an issue.

3. Accreditation and Staff

There are varied bodies which accredit summer camps, the ACA (American Camping Association) being the largest and best recognised. A large percentage of camps are not accredited, but this does not for a moment mean that they aren’t great camps. If camps are not on the ACA list then you will need to ask each individuaul camp how they maintain and improve their program each year. ghanabased dash insight

Staffing is linked to accreditation in how a camp selects, trains and pays their staff. Be sure you are happy with the procedures your chosen camp follows for staffing, if you have concerns query the management or go elsewhere.

4. Recommendation or Referral

Use recommendations from parents who you know whose children have visited a certain camp before. They can give an honest appraisal of the camp program. Alternatively, request references from your shortlist of camps to give you further information on the qualities of the camp and any shortcomings. For more info p;ease visit these sites:-

5. Your Budget

Choosing a particular camp in the end may come down to pricing and whether it fits into you budget. Just because a camp is more expensive does not mean it necessarily runs a better program. Certain camps are supplemented and thus are able to keep their fees lower. There are concessions or discounts sometimes made available for low income families.

6. Ask Questions
Don’t be afraid to ask questions. Review camp websites, brochures and DVDs and arrange a visit to the camp to really get a feel for it. If you have any last areas of concern then ask a staff member /coordinator in person when you visit.



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